We are not just Securing Premises, We are providing Customer Services & Satisfaction

    The prime aim of Security Services is the protection of persons and property by maintaining a team of well-trained and equipped uniformed security officers, security patrols, access controls and the ongoing provision of timely and accurate information and advice.

    Bundelkhand Security Services provides accredited, experienced guards with a professional outlook. Our guards are available for nearly all situations, including sporting events, corporate functions and any other event where security may be required.

    Bundelkhand Security Services, a leader in the provision of quality security solutions to the Corporate and Public sector, prides itself on its ability to supply a tailor made service to a range of India's best known companies and industry leaders.

Company Profile

"Bundelkhand Security Services" launched its operations in U.P. and M.P. on 14th September 2006 with the objective of providing integrated security related solutions, designed to industry and client specific needs. We blend the unique business practices of 'Excellence in quality' and the expertise to provide state-of-the-art security solutions. We endeavor to not only deliver services matching to industry standards but 'Exceeding Expectations' of the client.

The Process.....
To deliver effective, customized security and manpower related solutions we use PRISM, based on our experience, which sums up our efforts towards exceeding the client's expectations.Read More


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    Risk Management
    We provide consultancy to out clients in corporate and industries on all aspects of risk analysis, risk management, loss prevention and handling of emergencies. We specialize in Security surveys, Security Audits and reappraisal of security threats.
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    Recruitment Policies
    Our recruitment is based on stringent criteria for the security guard, both in physical parameters, fitness and general competence a combination of educational qualifications, communication skills and general awareness. We adopt dual procedure of vetting involving the village panchayats and the concerned district police
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    Core Team
    The affairs of the "Bundelkhand Security Services" are managed under the supervision of Sri. S.L.Awasthi (Retd. Dy.S.P.) and his team. Besides a 40 years vast experience in U.P. Police.
    He had a successful tenure with same leading Security Company at U.P. & M.P. and managed the security cover for number of Reputed Industries, Business Houses, township, banks and ATM’s. While at U.P. & M.P. he attended no. of seminars and courses specializing in field of Security. He particularly specializes in Industrial Security, Risk Management, Rescue Operations, Surveillance. Mobile Security & Traffic Operations.
    The operational team comprise of experienced professionals in risk management and security.
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    Protection and Rescue Operation
    Shortly Bundelkhand Security Service will be launching the State of art automated Protection system substantially aided with human elements keeping in view the requirement of a particular social section i.e. for lonely and elderly couples as well as big business and corporate houses and banks. The system will involve surveillance cameras integrated with the intrusion alarms subjected to activation in the event of alarms activation. Emergency Response Teams consisting of conveyance, communication network, combat kits (equipments) & Disaster kits with prompt back support system will be operating round the clock.
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    Bundelkhand Security Service is duly registered with Government Authorities for various statutory requirements :-
    1- Registration No. 01/17058 dated 14/09/2006
    2- ESI Registration No. (21-27311-101)
    3- Provident Fund No. UP/39255
    4- Service Tax No. AEAPA-7675M-ST001
    5- Registration in UP Govt. 12/U.P./P.S.A./(Jhansi-2)-2010 Dt.29/09/2010
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    We take pride in mentioning that today we are providing security services to prestigious establishment i.e. State Bank of India, HDFC Ltd., NHAL, Gyatri Project Ltd. and Eldico Country Pvt. Ltd.
    We have the experience and a standing and with that we assure you of 'Quality Service'. Our organization today is on firm footing. We can take on any challenging assignment.